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Professional Tile & Stone Floor cleaning

Did you know that soil and bacteria can become embedded into your tile and stone floors over time? While regular sweeping and mopping helps, it’s not a fix-all solution. Every now and then, your tile and stone floors need to be cleaned professionally. Pro-Fresh Carpet Care provides professional tile and stone cleaning services for customers in the North Oregon Coast area. Give us a call.

Tile & Stone Cleaning for the
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Tile & Stone Floor Expert Cleaning Services

Your tile or stone floors begin to lose their luster over time as they become dirtier and dirtier. Dirt and stains get embedded into your floor too deep for regular mopping to address. That’s where professional cleaning comes in.

At Pro-Fresh Carpet Care, we use specialized floor-cleaning equipment to remove stubborn dirt and stains from your tile floor. We also sanitize the area to remove lingering bacteria. Professional tile floor cleaning helps your floors last even longer, saving you the cost and pain of earlier replacement. Schedule a cleaning with us today.

Benefits of professional Tile & Stone cleaning

Clean tile & stone floors In 3 steps


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Tile & Stone Cleaning

We’ll deep clean your tile or stone floor.


You can appreciate the beauty of your clean floors.

Professional Grout Cleaning

When you picture a tile floor with grout, you probably picture the grout being a darker brown, gray, or black color. In reality, this isn’t the natural color of many types of grout. But over time, dirt and grime become embedded in the grout’s pores, changing its appearance.

Getting your grout clean and back to its original color can be challenging if you’re trying to do it with a rag and typical household cleaners. Instead, rely on professionals like the ones at Pro-Fresh to clean your grout. We use specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to transform your floors and grout. Just give us a call.