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Expert Biohazard cleanup services in North Oregon

Attempting to clean up biohazards can be dangerous when you don’t know what you’re doing. Instead of struggling through the cleanup on your own, rely on the biohazard cleanup experts at Pro-Fresh Carpet Care in Warrenton. We’re trained in safe and effective biohazard cleanup methods. When you need help, our caring team is one call away.

Biohazard Cleanup services in astoria, seaside, & warrenton

Customer Relationships

We value our customers. We’re committed to improving their lives however we can through our cleaning services.


We always approach our work with sensitivity, understanding that many biohazard scenes arise from difficult events.

Safe Work

We clean carefully, making sure we don’t miss anything so that your space can be safe when we’re finished.

Local & Family-Owned

We’re a family-run business local to the North Oregon Coast, and our service reflects that.

Restoring safety through Pro biohazard cleaning

Trust biohazard cleanup to the experts. Our trained technicians are experts at proper biohazard removal techniques.

Let us help restore safety to your property. Give us a call.

The Risk of Biohazards

Being exposed to biohazards can be risky. It puts you at risk of contracting a variety of harmful diseases and illnesses like:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis
  • E. coli
  • Viruses
  • Influenza
  • Salmonella

Don’t put yourself at risk. Instead, protect the safety of yourself and your property by leaving biohazard cleanup to our specially trained team.

We're here for all biohazard cleanup needs

Restoring Safety In 3 steps


Call Pro-Fresh and tell us about your biohazard cleanup needs.


Pro-Fresh technicians will thoroughly clean the affected area on your property.


You can take comfort in your property being safe again and begin moving forward.

Caring Help

Our caring team understands that many biohazard scenes originate from challenging events. We approach our work with sensitivity, doing everything we can to ease your burden during a difficult time. You can count on our discretion. Reach out when you need our help.